Dictionary of Scientific Biography by Charles Coulston Gillispie (ed.)

By Charles Coulston Gillispie (ed.)

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Great Books of the Western World, vol . XVI, which frequently mentions the Callippic period . Modern works are Sir Thomas Heath, Aristarchus of Samos (Oxford, 1913), which contains the best Englishlanguage appreciation of Callippus and refers to the relevant modern literature on him ; and Pauly-Wissowa, X, pt . 2, cols. , which gives an exhaustive account of the seventy-six-year cycle, with full references to ancient sources and modern discussions . JOHN S . KIEFFER (b . Nice, France, 12 July 1863 ; d.

VII of Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, which gives details from Eudemus' history of the work of Eudoxus and Callippus ; Theon of Smyrna, Expositio rerum mathematicarum ad legendum Platonem utilium, E . Hiller, ed . (Leipzig, 1878), which covers much the same ground as Simplicius in his section on the planets ; Geminus, Elementa astronomiae, or Isagoge, C . Manitius, ed . (Leipzig, 1898), pp . 120-122, an account of the period of Callippus, with number of months, including intercalary, and days in the cycle ; Ars Eudoxi, Blass, ed .

T. , 212A (1912), 1-32 . II . SECONDARY LITERATURE . For obituary notes, see Engineering, 129 (1930), 115-117 ; Nature, 125 (1930), 173174 ; and Proceedings of the Royal Society, 134A (1932), xviii-xxvi . Biographies of Callendar are in Chambers' Dictionary of Scientists, A . V . Howard, ed . (London, 1950), col . 84 ; and Dictionary of National Biography, supp . 4 (1930), 152-154 . Bibliographies are given in the Royal Society of London's Catalogue of Scientific Papers, XIV (1915), 18-19 ; and Poggendorff, IV (1904), 214-215, 1703 ; V (1926), 197 ; ing point, together with a determination of the mechanical equivalent of heat (1902) .

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