Don't Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions by Randy Grim

By Randy Grim

Do you must sell off your puppy simply because he attempts to flee your backyard? Barks an excessive amount of? You-know-whats in the home? Doesn’t play good with others? Chewed up your favourite pair of shoes?

You wouldn’t be the 1st individual asking to “return” your puppy. And puppy rescuer Randy Grim has heard each cause below the solar. yet earlier than you load Fido into the again of your automobile, learn this book.

In it, Randy addresses the worries of puppy guardians in every single place via responding to letters that he’s really bought. With humor, and from his giant studies with deserted canine, he finds precisely what you are able to do to stay calm and attach each undesirable habit challenge. (Even if it skill dumping your husband rather than the dog.)

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This is extraordinary. Reading Don’t Dump the Dog, I found myself laughing out loud while learning some very valuable lessons in canine behavior. What could be better? The best way to teach is with humor. The best way to learn is through laughter. Randy is enlightened, often profound, always touching, and surely inspired. ” I trust I’ve made my point. While knee-slapping and jack-knifing myself into a state just short of a nosebleed, I was learning how to keep her barking down to a meaningful minimum (she is allowed to bark at burglars) and how to housebreak without actually breaking the house or the furniture therein.

The spider stops, spins in a tiny circle, and stops again. He’s now directly above my eyes. Then he freezes in place and looks down at me. Slowly, as if testing the air before a free fall, he lifts one leg off the ceiling. I’m not waiting for him to fall—or jump. With the fluidity of a marine in the enemy’s crosshairs, I cross my arms tightly over my chest, roll off the couch and across the floor, and propel myself up onto a chair directly in front of Dr. Gupta’s desk. I smooth my hair and pretend nothing just happened.

Dogs, like wolves, live for their packs. From the minute mama wolf pops her pups out, the pack dictates every move they make—when they eat, where they sleep, whom they play with, what they think—because the pack structure, fair or not, keeps individual wolves alive. Everything in a wolf pack, from raising pups to hunting food, requires cooperation. For example, when wolf pups are born, the job of the mom, the alpha female of the pack, consists of protecting and feeding the pups in the den, while the job of subordinate members includes bringing food to the mom in the den.

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