Early Africa by Gladys G. Buck,Josephine Jones Buck

By Gladys G. Buck,Josephine Jones Buck

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The government of Songhay had a lower and higher court. 5. When a territory was captured, the king of the territory was immediately dethroned. 6. Askia conquered lands that had not been challenged by the empires of Mali. 7. Askia died at the age of 81. 8. Askia respected his opponents and acted nobly when he was the conqueror. 9. Songhay was subdivided into many sections each ruled by a governor. 10. Some tribes of Songhay have descendants living in Africa today. 11. Songhay could not navigate the waters around its kingdom because it lacked a navy.

Modem Ghana and Accra should be correctly labeled. 4. (C) Morocco (D) Algeria. 5. The trade route cities of Sidjilmassa and Taghaza should be correctly labeled. 6. Students should correctly fill in the key, according to the directions. influence upon the establishment and growth of cities. The existence of Koumbi Saleh, the capital, with its two distinct towns—a Muslim town and a forested royal compound—has been confirmed by 20th century excavations. The locations of the Wangara gold fields were not revealed, even at the point of death.

This territory was much greater than the territory held by Ghana. © Milliken Publishing Company Map Exercises: Answers 1. Trace the boundary of Mali in red. 2. Trace the hajj route in green. 3. Bodies of water crossed or near the route of Mansa Musa's hajj were the Niger River, Nile River, and Red Sea. 4. Mecca is in Arabia (now Saudi Arabia). 5. Capital cities of Mali were Kangaba and Niani. 6. Great cities of trade and learning were Timbuktu and Gao. 7. Mansa Musa's pilgrimage traveled through the city of Cairo, Egypt.

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