Essays in Theoretical Physics. In Honour of Dirk ter Haar by W. E. Parry

By W. E. Parry

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2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. L. , ZhETP, 46, 397 (1964); Sov. Phys. , Physics Letters, 13, 101 (1964). N. , Fiz. Metal. , 17, 631 (1964). , Phys. , 158, 383 (1967). High Temperature Superconductivity. (Ed. L. A. Kirzhnits), Consultants Bureau, (1982). A. J. Collective Phenomena, 2, 81 (1975). , 39, 991 (1981). , Doklady Acad. Nauk USSR, 83, 385 (1952); see also 118, 464 (1958). L. , ZhETP, 20, 1064 (1950); English Transi. see in: D. D. 138 (1965) Lawrence W. , Proc. LT-12, Kyoto, 361 (1970).

Imposition of (i) gives the coefficients in the region R2 in Rlt A (2) = A Λ(1) for m,l= 1,2 in terms of those (m Φ £) . 1) over the interface. 5) Ü 12 C13 where /K ~k^\) 0 2 1 = 0(^2_fe1) = 2tan _1 ( g . 6) It corresponds in form to a phase shift as the particles scatter through the interaction. 1 ,* 2 ,+L) . Applying this last condition gives for the allowed values of k. ksL = 2(ng +1) π - e(fcs-fct) for s9t = 1,2 ( s ^ t ) , where n g is an integer. 7) are real and generate the complete set of two-particle states of the model.

8. 20). 1) where μ is the chemical potential and N the particle number operator. We obtain the gap equation by writing 6F/6à(x) = (ό#/6Δ(α:))=0, where the angular brackets denote the grand canonical average. 1) are electron eigenSubstituting for v{x) functions. TVM (83) Separating this expression into terms which depend on the temperature and those which don't gives the form •/U 2 -Ó 2 )U 2 -k / 2 6 2 ) δ (/(μ-&)-/(μ+&)) - j = + =- . 4), it is now necessary to introduce a momentum cut-off at q which was π/2 in the lattice tight binding model, q > 6.

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