Gas-Insulated Substations: Technology and Practice : by S. A. Boggs, R. Y. Chu, N. Fujimoto

By S. A. Boggs, R. Y. Chu, N. Fujimoto

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The change in activity (and also in the activity coefficient, if the composition is expressed in a way which docs not depend on the temperature) over a range of temperature can be obtained by integrating this equation. For a widc range of temperatures it may be necessary to give LI as a function of temperature as in the Kirchhoff equation. 54, where rn is the molality of the solute (moles or gramions per lOOOg solvent) and y is the appropriate activity coefficient. Hence If the solution is diluted to decrease the activity of the cations to one-tenth of its initial value, that is to say to 0.

Since solutions tend to a limiting behaviour as they become more dilute, it is postulated that at the same time f approaches unity, so that, at or near infinite dilution, Equacion (1 -51) becomes that is, the activity of the solute is equal to its molar concentralion. The standard state of unit activity may thus be defined as a hypothetical solution of unit molar concemration possessing thc propertics of a very dilutc solution. The word 'hypothetical' is employed in this definition because a real solution at a concentration of 1 mol (or gram-ion) per litre will generally not behave ideally in lhe sense of having the properties of a vcry dilute solution.

F. f. 6). In the above reaction 2 1201 ( 196 g) of sulphuric acid are consumed. 8305) and 2 mol of water are produced increasing the volume of electrolyte by 361111. 07 ml. This electrolyte volume is, of coursc. recovered during the next charge cycle whcn the sulphuric acid is regenerated. By definition, the quoted values of AH and 193000C (2F) rcfer to the above reaction in which 1 mol of lead and of lead dioxide react with 2mol of sulphuric acid. e. n F = 3600C. , , , , 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 Initial volume of sulphuric acid (ml) as AH is negalive, C will have a posilivc value.

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