One Human Minute by Stanisław Lem, Catherine S. Leach

By Stanisław Lem, Catherine S. Leach

Comprises 3 essays--"One Human Minute," "The Upside-Down Revolution ," and "The global as Cataclysm"--from technological know-how fiction grasp Stanislaw Lem.

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(With black-and-white illustrations all through. )

One Human Minute

Includes 3 essays--"One Human Minute," "The Upside-Down Revolution ," and "The global as Cataclysm"--from technology fiction grasp Stanislaw Lem.

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48 [1972], p . 19). 50 See, for example, a study of the reading habits of young army recruits in France: Le livre et Ie consent (Universite de Bordeaux, Institut de Litterarure et de Techniques Artistiques de Masse, 1966). The Bordeaux Institute, headed by Robert Escarpit, has conducted a number of important statistical surveys on reading and other aspects of the sociology of literature. For an overview of their work and a detailed bibliography, see R. , Le Litteraire et Ie social: Elements pour une soaologie de la lttterature (Paris, 1970).

And trans. , 1975), p. 182 and passim. 61 For a marvelously suggestive discussion of this correlation, see Walter B. Michaels, "The Interpreter's Self: Peirce on the Cartesian 'Subject,' " The Georgia Review 31 (1977), 383-402. As far as Derrida and Lacan are concerned, 41 Susan R. Suleiman philosophical issues. Indeed, I think it is the recognition of these correlations and of their consequences that accounts for the passionately polemical tone in the debate between "positive" and "negative" theorists of interpretation.

And creates a viable discipline.

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