Sugar Gliders by Elizabeth O'Sullivan

By Elizabeth O'Sullivan

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Then they return to the nest. A mother sugar glider comes out of her nest with her joey on her back. 31 Joeys drink their mothers’ milk until they are about four months old. Then they are weaned. This means they stop drinking milk and eat the same food as adults. They are learning to take care of themselves. These joeys are drinking their mother’s milk. 32 When they are old enough, sugar gliders leave the colony. They start their own colony. Most sugar gliders leave their colony when they are about 10 months old.

It has soft fur. It snuggles during the day. And it plays in the evening. Some gliders ride on their owners’ shoulders. They can jump off shoulders. Then they glide through the air. 37 These sugar gliders are tame. They have always been pets. But not all sugar gliders are tame. But other pet sugar gliders never become tame. They do not get along with people. Some bite. Sugar gliders are called exotic (eg-ZAHtihk) pets. This means most people think of them as wild animals. But some people want to keep them as pets.

If the child can’t remember certain facts, turn to the index. INTRODUCING THE INDEX The index helps readers find information without searching through the whole book. Turn to the index on page 48. Choose an entry such as food, and ask the child to use the index to find out what sugar gliders eat. Repeat this exercise with as many entries as you like. Ask the child to point out the differences between an index and a glossary. ) 44 learn more about sugar gliders BOOKS Arnold, Caroline. Australian Animals.

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