UXL encyclopedia of landforms and other geologic features by Rob Nagel

By Rob Nagel

Explores the actual constitution of the Earth's landforms, together with what they're, how they appear, how they have been created and alter through the years, and significant geological occasions linked to every one.

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The erosive power of water: Rivers and flash floods The rivers that created the canyons on the Colorado Plateau and elsewhere did so because rivers have a natural tendency to reach a base level. This refers to the point at which the river reaches the elevation of the large body of water, such a lake or ocean, into which it drains. ’ This is a seep high on the canyon wall, two hundred feet above my head, where ground water breaks out between beds of sandstone and slides over the contours of the cliff, nourishing the typical delicate greenery of moss, fern, columbine, and monkeyflower.

The saucer-shaped basin is mostly arid. Water from rainfall mainly on the Eastern Highlands soaks through the rock and flows toward the center of the basin. The oldest waters in the basin are over 2 million years old. Thousands of wells tap into the underground water, which ranges in temperature from 86°F to over 212°F (30°C to over 100°C). Because the water has a high salt content, it cannot be used to irrigate farmland. Great Basin, Nevada and Utah The Great Basin, located mainly in Nevada and Utah, is the northern part of the larger Basin and Range province.

This activity occurs in an area beneath Earth’s surface where freshwater fills all pore spaces and microscopic openings in rocks and sediment. These openings include the spaces between grains of sand as well as cracks U • X • L E N C Y C L O P E D I A O F L A N D F O R M S A N D O T H E R G E O L O G I C F E AT U R E S 35 C AVE Karst topography, like that seen here along the Li River, in China, is dominated by sinkholes on the surface and extensive cave systems underneath. PHOTOGRAPH REPRODUCED BY PERMISSION OF FIELD MARK PUBLICATIONS.

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